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In my public-speaking engagements, I’ve been able to impart to other mothers my hard-earned wisdom about raising my children to be responsible, cooperative and happy, about finding happiness myself in my demanding role as mother. Women are thrilled to find that I’ve discovered a way that works. Your group can learn from my proven methods, too. Women are eager to hear from a mom who’s found a solution to their problems.

I can tailor my presentations for any size group, whether it’s large or small, a gathering at a church, a town hall or a convention. Because of the variety of methods I use, and the things I’ve learned in my quest to raise my children in the best way possible, I can tailor my speaking to the specific needs of your gathering. I’ll talk with you beforehand to get a sense of what you need. In any case, when you bring me in to speak at your event, you’ll get a presentation that will go a long way to making your family life more pleasant.

Anamarie will speak at your event.Here are a few of my topics:

  • Filling Mom’s Cup. How Taking Time For Yourself Will Make Your Kids Better.
    Here I talk about how making time for yourself, for what you need, is essential to your well-being as a mother. I show you how I did it, and give you the tools to do it yourself.
  • Parenting Is Easy As Pie. Shaping Behavior without Yelling, Spanking or Time-Outs.
    Here, I take you through my own story. I talk about how I learned to love my children and how they learned to respect me. You will be amazed before you are halfway through about how what I learned can help you too.


Keynote Presentations: $5,000 + travel and lodging expenses.


Past Speaking Events:

  • 2011 ELEA National Conference Keynote Speaker (Evangelical Lutheran Education Association)
  • 2011 Garret Gunderson’s Enlightenment Event
  • 2009 Bob Proctor’s Matrixx
  • 2009 Bob Proctor’s Choose Your Own Economy Event

Moms love my presentations because I am concise, stay on topic and keep it light and fun for participants. I specialize in taking complex topics (like children’s behavior) and bringing them down to earth so moms can actually go home with life improving content.

My presentations are neither dull nor dry. They’re filled with humor, with the story of my struggles – and how I managed to make it with my wit intact. My talks are visual, interactive and fun. They’re playtime with a difference.

I have several different plans you might find interesting. I can tailor each presentation to the time limits of your meeting, from 30 to 45 to 90 minutes, with breaks, if necessary, or question-and-answer components.

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