About Ana

Ana Seidel

About Ana

Four years ago, on a dreary, gray day in the Pacific Northwest, I sat in my living room crying uncontrollably because I couldn’t stop my children from lying, talking back to me, jumping on the furniture and leaving their stuff all over the house.

That day, I realized that I was the one who’d taught my children every one of those behaviors.

And, I also realized  that I didn’t like my children at all. I didn’t want to be around them. I yelled at them constantly. They never listened. I screamed at them. They ignored me. I kept fighting.

It took its toll. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.

I had completely lost myself, I was a mother in name only. And as a woman, I was hopeless. What had I become?

I needed to find a solution, I needed to teach my children virtues like respect, kindness, helpfulness and honesty. And I needed to find myself.

I started doing research. I began interviewing parenting experts, behavioral specialists, family coaches. Each interview opened my eyes a bit more. To my surprise, my life started to brighten when I used what they taught me.

I then began collecting my research and findings into a book, and to create what I had learned into a system that has become my revolutionary Easy As Pie Parenting Method.

Little by little, things turned around for me. My parenting changed. My children changed. My family changed. I changed.

It’s been a while since I yelled at my children. My kids now treat me with respect. They behave. They listen. They’re even happier. And I actually like hanging out with them.

I also found that because I spend less time agonizing over how to control my children, I have more time to rediscover myself – as a woman and as a mother.

I became very excited when I realized that I could teach this remarkable, simple method to other mothers. That I could help other parents understand the complexities of their children’s behaviors. That any mom whose kids were unruly, disrespectful, dishonest, whose kids were picky eaters or pushy siblings, could benefit from my method. It could even help moms who found that they no longer even liked their children.

I recognized that moms could use this method not only to create harmony in the household – they could also gain at least an extra hour a day to use to rediscover themselves – to fill their cups.

It works! I’m here to share with you how, through my proven processes you will become a better, calmer, even more loving mother — and a happier woman.

Many moms have found a solution to their problem children — their problem families — through my system. Through my books, podcasts, coaching and seminars, women all over the world and from all walks of life — from stay-at-home moms to bestselling authors to reality TV contestants — have identified how they can lead happier lives when they understand their children. They’ve turned agony into enjoyment, and a parental battleground into a family playground. You can, too.

Put away the anger. Turn off the hostility. Stop the screaming. Reawaken the joy in mothering.

Join me.