Pie Advantages

Want your children to be respectful and kind now?

Easy As Pie Advantages

Much of today’s conventional parenting wisdom doesn’t teach children to behave and grow into kind and caring adults. It teaches children to lie, to cheat, and to scheme. It’s little that wonder most parents, and most mothers, are so frustrated by the very nature of childrearing, with all of the conflicting advice out there.

Easy As Pie gets quick results. It changes perspective. It creates happy homes, happy families, happy children, happy parents, happy moms. It’s a proven process for taking the stress out of raising your child, and for creating considerate and thoughtful children. You heard that right: considerate and thoughtful children. You’ll be amazed at how Easy As Pie allows moms to raise children who grow up to be respectful, kind, generous members of society; people who give back and improve their communities.

Easy As Pie is just that: easy as pie. What Moms love about this proven process is that children respond to it so quickly. It’s so startlingly simple – which is probably why it took me so long to create it! Using Easy As Pie, it becomes quite clear to children exactly what behaviors are and are not acceptable at home – but it doesn’t make it a ground for punishment. It uses reward, acceptance and mutual support. That’s the clear advantage: a calm and clear-eyed method for childrearing, minus the heartache, minus the shouting, minus the agonizing frustration.

Raising respectful, happy children can be as Easy As Pie!

What children love about Easy As Pie is that they can quickly and painlessly correct their mistakes, which means they can return to what’s important: the fun stuff in their life. They don’t have to be scared of mom – angry mom, screaming mom, resentful mom – because everything is under control. There’s order instead of chaos.

Before developing Easy As Pie, my home was filled with my children’s sibling rivalry, fighting, arguing, hitting, kicking, slamming doors, foot-stomping, and eye-rolling. I yelled every day and cried in frustration often.

But today, those horrifying behavioral dramas have decreased by 95%. Today, I have a lot more time to play games with my children. Today, my children have a lot more time to enjoy their lives, because they see that their parents are happy – and can see that they are behaving in a way that makes their parents happy and their world understandable.

Our home is filled with laughter, when it used to be filled with tears.

Yours can be too. It works.