What Ana Can Do For You

All parents need a good set of parenting tools!What Ana Can Do For You

Parents have a lot of tools at their disposal to try to make sense of everything that comes with raising children. Much of this information is good, some of it is useless and a great deal of it is confusing. I can help you navigate the waters of parenthood. Believe me, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for me, but I’ve managed to find my way. And I can help you find yours.

My Book

Take advantage of my experience. You can find a useful map to motherhood, courtesy of my book, What You Don’t Fix…Your Kids Inherit. This book charts my own parenting journey and shows how I myself coped with situations that many parents face. It includes insightful interviews with dozens of parenting experts. This will guide you, amuse you, inform you and inspire you in your own journey as a parent.

Coaching Services

You can also benefit from my personal coaching. When a business is having trouble, they bring in an expert. Why shouldn’t a Mom do the same? Aren’t you the CEO of your family? If you’re feeling like you’re hanging by a thread and ready to snap, I can help. So many parents, especially stressed mothers, have been able to find balance in their lives while working with me. I don’t like to waste time, so with focused questions, I quickly get right to the heart of a family’s stress points and find workable solutions.

My coaching is just a phone call away. You have a choice of group coaching or one of several different private coaching options. You may be familiar with the proverbial saying, “You can’t see the forest through the trees.” A family can be like this too. As a Mom, you have to pay attention to so many trees that it’s hard to see the that the forest would thrive better if the sunlight came from a different direction. When I coach you, I see the forest. I can see a different perspective and shed sunlight from a different direction.

Parenting doesn’t come naturally—it’s like being an athlete. You’ve got to practice, and while none of us want to make mistakes with our beloved children, all too often we muddle through thinking that it’s better to try to go it alone. You don’t have to. With coaching, you can find solutions to common everyday situations that bother you, and you can come to a new understanding of parenting that will make you and your family that much more happy.

Keynote Speaking

There are opportunities too for you to hear me speak at your conference, your meeting or your seminar. The coaching and counseling that I provide in small-group or in one-on-one settings translates to a more public forum, too.

I have several different speaking options that you or your group would find interesting, and I can easily tailor my presentation to the demands of your meeting. In this way, a great many mothers can get introduced to some of the effective methods I have used.

My topics include: Fill Your Cup – The Importance of Making Mom #1 and Easy As Pie – How to Get Your Kids to Behave Without Yelling, Spanking, or Time Outs. 

Using humor and personal stories, Fill Your Cup takes you through a journey of losing yourself to your children and then finding You again. So many moms tell me they “just want their children to behave.” Easy As Pie gives parents a deep understanding of what motivates children to misbehave. Then you learn how use that motivation to loving encourage your children to practice positive behaviors. Easy As Pie gives responsibility back to your children so that they are in charge of their life.

My prices are reasonable. The information…invaluable.