Track Record

Track Record

The proven Easy As Pie system gets results. It works with every child. It’s applicable for every family, every parent, every situation. It changes behaviors, because it changes attitudes. Punishment no longer enters into parenting, because Easy As Pie succeeds through rewards and accomplishments.

Stay-at-home moms who have worked with Easy As Pie have seen their personal life satisfaction increase by an astounding 85% Their children’s personal satisfaction grows exponentially – because these kids feel they’re finally in control of their own lives. They choose the behaviors that they feel are appropriate in their mothers’ home and as a result, their lives are a lot more fun.

My own family has seen spectacular results from Easy As Pie.

My 7-year-old, Dane, came up to me one day and told me, “Mom, you need to take away my ‘Kind’ piece because I destroyed Justine’s fort.”

After recovering from my shock, I helped him make the situation right with an internally motivated, authentic apology, after which he helped her put his sister’s fort back together, thus re-earning his “kind” piece and building his sense of self-esteem and accomplishment.

Another day, 4-year-old Bradley asked for a piece of gum while we were out and about running errands. I asked him whether he had all of his pie pieces (meaning, if he were “whole” and therefore in a position to be rewarded). I could see that Bradley wanted to lie to me and say yes. The thought of a juicy piece of bubblegum was very tempting.

I told him, “Here’s how it will work. If we get home and find out that you are missing pieces, you will lose your ‘honesty’ piece for telling me a lie. Or you can decide to wait until we get home, check to see if your pie is ‘whole’ and get your piece of gum then. Which would you like to do?”

Without any hesitation Bradley said, “I think I’ll wait, Mom.”

Others have changed their family lives too, thanks to Easy As Pie.

  • After Kristi Frank (star of NBC’s The Apprentice) interviewed me for her show, America’s Top Experts, she sought my advice concerning her 6-year-old son. Like a lot of busy, working moms, she often felt frustrated with his tantrums. What excited her the most was that the pie pieces made it so easy for her to teach her son positively.
  • Jacqui, an exhausted mom from Sydney, Australia, whose 5-year-old daughter was running her life, came to me for help. After a two-hour phone consultation, Jacqui realized that she was trying to control every move her daughter made, and that her daughter was, naturally, rebelling at such control. Within 24 hours of implementing the complete Easy As Pie Parenting Method, Jacqui found that her daughter had become helpful, cheerful, considerate. Three weeks later, the home was at peace, Jacqui’s daughter was a complete darling and mom herself was finding more personal time to pursue her hobbies.
  • Kirsten, from Boise, Idaho, was concerned about the whining and complaining of her two young boys, who’d get into violent fights with each other throughout the day. After a phone consultation, Kirsten learned how to address the problems, and within 48 hours of implementing the complete Easy As Pie Parenting Method, the whining and complaining had disappeared and the fights decreased by almost 90%! Within one week the fighting was completely gone and her boys were cheerfully working together on chores and activities.

And these are just a few examples of the successes my methods have shown.

You can get results like these. It’s Easy As Pie.