Pie Results

Easy As Pie Results

Things have changed at home. For the better.

Rather than my children fighting with each other about petty things, they now argue about who gets to sit next to me at the dinner table. They take turns.

Rather than my children lying for no reason, they tell the truth.

Rather than jumping on the furniture, running around the house, wreaking havoc every moment of the day, my children now walk, sit, stay calm.


Because Easy As Pie eliminates punishments.

Punishing a child for fighting leads to more fighting. Punishing a child for lying creates a better liar because children lie to avoid being punished. Give them a reason to tell the truth, and they do so. Punishing a child for jumping on the sofa doesn’t stop that behavior, but confuses a child who just wants to have fun. Rewarding a child for redirecting his energies actually works.

Moms appreciate the simple clarity of my Easy As Pie Parenting Method. They’re in control as situations arise because they understand that a child isn’t misbehaving to piss mom off. The child has made a poor choice or tried a behavior that his mother hadn’t defined as acceptable or unacceptable. Easily fixed.

Many moms have said me that they are unsure if Easy As Pie would work, because it seemed too easy. What convinced them was how quickly their children’s behavior started improving. Yours can, too.

Here’s what some mothers have said about Easy As Pie:

“Easy As Pie helped teach my boys teamwork. Before, they really struggled with working together. I was always getting after them for picking on each other, for refusing to clean up after themselves. For not listening to me. 

After using Easy As Pie, they began to see the power of teamwork. They showed compassion for each other – which was incredible at such young ages!  When Xander wasn’t ‘whole,’ his brother Eli would help him get his pieces back.  When Xander was upset, Eli would help him ‘find his cheerful.’ Who’d have thought that kids so young could grasp such huge concepts? 

Ana’s system is easy to implement and gets immediate results. It’s completely changed my relationship with my children. It’s made the tough job of parenting easier so I can spend less time frustrated with my kids and more time enjoying them.”

— Kirsten, mother of Xander, 2½, and Eli, 5 years old

“I’ve been wondering about why the process of earning back pieces seems to work so well for my girls. Annika’s teacher once suggested that if she was naughty, give her a physical task, to help her work off her frustration and give her a sense of achievement. That’s what Easy As Pie does. It allows children to:

  • Recognize their behavior,
  • Implement good behavior,
  • Realize a sense of achievement tangibly with the pie piece.

“Labeling behaviors worked really well. Sofia now regularly says to her sister, ‘Annika, that’s not kind,’ or ‘Mummy, that’s not helpful!’ I’ve seen Annika put more forethought into her actions, and stop herself from doing something, which is completely new behavior … self-discipline!”

— Jacqueline, mother of Sofia and Annika

Mothers find Easy As Pie so effective because they’ve got a simple, step-by-step process that’s illustrated through numerous examples via situational dialogues. Moms can take this method and make it their own to strengthen their relationship with their children.